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Reconstrvct & Big Up Magazine Present: XIX - New York Outlook Festival Launch 

Facta, Ishan Sound, Pinch, Joe Nice; pictured respectively

photos by Van Ngo

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if you’re going to Outlook Festival

first of all fuck u, but secondly make sure you get on that Big Up Magazine x Reconstrvct Boat Party though:

Gorgon Sound (Kahn & Neek)
Harem (Old Apparatus)
True Nature
+ ?!%&8$*

i’ll be there next year, hope to meet some of my fellow bass music heads on here if any of you plan on going as well. also going to probably spend a week in the UK since i’ve never been, definitely trying to meet up with some people since everyone on here that listens to the same music are all cool ass people, funny how that works

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Mumdance & Logos – Border Drone [Dub]
Facta – ? [Dub]
Hodge – Untitled [Forthcoming]
Cliques – Chro (Wen Remix) [Dub]
Asusu – Velez [Livity Sound]
Spatial – Primitives (Bass Clef Remix) [Forthcoming]
Facta – Drumtrack [Dub]
Dusk + Blackdown – Peng One Two [Dub]
Facta – Poliwhirl [Forthcoming]
Toasty – Bump [Dub]
Acre – Meridian [Dub]
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Kowton Dub Mix) [Forthcoming]
Rabit & Feloneezy – The Nine [Dub]
Facta – Quince [Dub]
Parris – Pressure [Dub]
Facta – Ize Kashmir [Dub]
Etch – Seaside Curse [Dub]
Epoch – Aerospace [Dub]
Karma – Heal [Dub]
Lurka – Choke [Dub]
JT the Goon – Twin Warriors (Rabit Remix) [Dub]
K-Lone – Aqueous [Dub]
Facta – ? [Dub]
Wen & Parris – ? [Dub]
Ishan Sound – Rush on the Tonic [Dub]
E.M.M.A – Candy Stripe [Dub]
E.M.M.A – Mirage [Dub]

such a badman

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Nas, Time Is Illmatic

and he did @ 17

Nas, Time Is Illmatic

and he did @ 17

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phillllllip yarnell the best

phillllllip yarnell the best

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